Kastallis is a production agency that has been creating custom content for brands and working with entrepreneurs for over ten years. The agency transcribes stories into creative and unique concepts that give brands a voice and captivate their audiences.

kastallis in 7 points


Ten years experience with brands and entrepreneurs, a multitude of completed projects. 


We create content that draws attention, enhances brand value and builds a privileged relationship with audiences.

RESULT driven

Market realities and your business goals are our priorities throughout the whole creation process.


We transcribe brand stories into creative and unique concepts.


Our flexible production approach enables us to adapt to all mandates and all budgets.


We produce original content that is adaptable to all platforms and formats. 


Our mission is to make you stand out from your competition, by delivering captivating and impactful content. 

What we do


The best way to reach your goals.

Market analysis
Art direction
Influencer collaboration

content creation

Our creative minds come to work.

Multi-promo content
Explainer video
Presentation video
Event capture


Where the magic happens.

Editing & covering
Audio mixing
Motion design
2D & 3D graphics


At the right place, at the right time.

Distribution & Activation
Influencer marketing 
Product Placement
Founding campaign
Live streaming 
Media visibility
ROI data


Most frequent questions and answers

Most online content is made directly from cell phones. And it shows. As a brand who wants to stand out from the world wide web players, it’s relevant to call on a professional who will produce quality content (not our competitor, us of course) and who will support a brand image marketing strategy.

Branded content’s purpose is to create a direct link between the brand and its target audience. It is opposed to traditional advertising and relies most often on storytelling. The content is often akin to the brand’s history, its values, its craftsmanship, and all sort of content that entertains and does not impose itself to the audience.

As in any other product or service offer, the price depends on the final result and the expected rendering. This will be determined during a preliminary meeting in order to assess your needs and make a proposal according to the necessary resources.

First of all, we get to know you and understand how your brands positioning. Then, we seek to understand your goals and your content needs, such as if you have a strategy, which platforms the content is intended for, etc. All these questions will help us to identify the means necessary for the realization of the project.

Yes, filming and photo shoots remain allowed despite government restrictions related to COVID-19. To ensure the safety of our employees and customers, we strictly adhere to government-imposed health measures. Our team wears a mask at all times and disinfects their hands every hour, we check symptoms daily and the number of technicians on set is limited.

Please feel free to email us at: info@kastallis.com.
One of our team members will reply within 24 hours.
Or if you need immediate answers you can call us on our phone number: (514) 641-6498