5 attention
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How to grab attention and increase video views

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Video has quickly established itself as an indispensable marketing tool over the past decade, and in 2021, no brand should be without the power of this tool.

But creating original videos that stand out despite the plethora of content available online is a tough race, especially if you’re on your own or only have a small team available.

However, there are a few tips for producing more impactful videos and maximizing the reach of your content. We are going to share some of them with you here.

1. Tell a story over and over again

We all remember the Disney movies we watched as children, and despite the passage of time, the story remains anchored in our memories.

The secret lies in the fact that the story, the place and the emotion we felt form the basis of some of our most vivid memories. This translates into video marketing through the use of storytelling.

In an era where attention is waning and competition is increasing, storytelling has established itself as the king of content, able to make a lasting impression and deliver the message effectively.

To put it simply, without storytelling, the message does not get over.

2. Start your videos with a “scroll stopper”

Before grabbing the audience’s attention, you must first capture their attention and therefore set up a “scroll stopper” at the start of the video.

The “scroll stopper”, is the skill of creating content that encourages the user to stop scrolling through their news feed.

Think about a time when you were browsing your Facebook or Instagram feed 

and something caught your eye – so much so that you stopped scrolling or went back.

This is what you need to insert in the first few seconds of your video to successfully capture your audience’s attention.

3. Show real people

The human eye is naturally more drawn to human faces rather than blank graphics or rooms. Including real people in your videos can significantly increase view rates and retention rates.

Think about it, your most engaging photos on Instagram are mostly likely those that include your face or body. While Instagram’s algorithm has something to do with it, including real people in your videos does influence the viewer’s level of attention to your content.

4. Include captions

Over 90% of videos on Twitter or Facebook are viewed without sound. Captions are therefore essential to help the understanding of the video and allow the user to watch the video until the end.

Including text at the beginning of the video lets the viewer know that they can watch the video until the end without the sound off.

So focus more on the captions rather than the choice of music.


5. If in doubt, cut

Often, when you write or create something, you have “your nose in it”.  It’s hard to synthesize your ideas when you’ve been working on developing them for the past two hours!

For example, while writing this article, it took 2-3 revisions to make it easier and more understandable. Sometimes whilst in writing you lose sight of the purpose of the article. It is a good idea to check that this goal is achieved, that we have not strayed too far from it. It’s the same for video. Don’t hesitate to sacrifice parts that don’t bring additional information to viewers.

The solution? Ask for help.
The opinion of another person can help bring some order to your ideas. He/She will be able to say if the message is getting through, if the ideas are clear, and possibly what seems less essential to him/her and could be deleted.

Lastly but not least

Yes it’s hard work, but implementing little things and always putting yourself in your audience’s shoes can optimize the outreach of your videos.

Never forget the basics of communication: “what’s in it for them”.

If you want to go further in optimizing your marketing content, our team has found and implemented solutions during production to maximize content creation for year-round delivery.

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